Family Dentistry

Family Dental Care in Geist

Expertise with a Heart

Our friendly staff will make sure every patient gets the treatment they need after a thorough assessment. We use the latest technology and methods to determine the root cause of a patient’s dental problem. Dr. Alex has the experience and expertise to treat all sorts of dental conditions, whether it is tooth decay or a routine cleaning. Our team will see to it that you get the best possible care from consultation to post-procedure.

We differentiate our dental practice from others because of the warmth and friendliness we show our patients. We want them to feel at ease whenever they are in the operatory or walk into our office.

A Gentle Touch

This enables you to know how to maintain your teeth and stay away from habits that harm teeth and gums.

Our staff at Geist family dental clinic makes it a point to make each patient as comfortable as possible. We use x-rays to assess a patient’s mouth and pinpoint problems unseen by the naked eye. Dr. Alex will make a procedure as painless and as effective as possible to deliver the results you desire. We want you to have confidence in your smile and long-term dental health.